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Leostylo magazine is an ensemble of all that which is latest and trending in the global fashion industry. India has seen a gradual yet positive upward swing in the last decade in socio-economic development, which reflected on its fashion scene as well. Our country is hugely porous to absorb what may come and is open to embrace new possibilities. We are on a steady growth path, undeterred by any kind of odds. At this point, the elite population of the country, with its unmatched caliber of high spending, is looking to buy from luxury brands that have already rooted themselves in the Indian market. The magazine serves the international and national fashion fraternity with its valuable content. Our readers are the biggies of the fashion world, ranging from celebrated retailers to buyers, from manufacturers to key account holders and fashion designers. Leostylo is world’s first such initiative in many ways. Please have a look at our content. A brief feedback would be much appreciated as it will help us improve and grow. As the editor I believe there are opportunities for each one of us to improve ourselves and grow, matching our pace with that of the magazine.
Leostylo is India’s first and foremost fashion intelligence organisation based out of New Delhi. It’s a raging cult for the ever trendy fashion connoisseurs. Our first and foremost wing, online fashion Leostylo magazine, targets Business to Business (b2b), Business to Professionals (b2p) and Business to Customers (b2c) segments. The magazine publishes a wide range of news on fashion, beauty and trade shows. We offer handpicked and well-thought content that includes talk shows and interviews with national and international fashion moguls, designers and stylists. We give you access to dynamic runway reviews, trends and fashion forecasts from India, China, Germany, London, Paris, Milan and New York. The curated content is an amalgamation of Indian sensibilities and culture, and the chic and contemporary trends of the West, ready for the consumption in the international fraternity. It acts as a medium to create a ‘knowledge sourcing’ platform for the national and international fashion industry through its events, conferences and panel discussions. The magazine launches fresh faces every fortnight and also offers an array of fashion models hand-picked for various fashion brands. Our aim is to bring international and national brands together to create a knowledge platform through a magazine.

You are requested to contact our Leostylo media wing for further inquires