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Important! Scrub Your Hair #LEOSTYLO

If you think your haircare routine pays enough in quality hair, think again. Regular shampooing and conditioning are just basic haircare regime in cleaning and clarifying your hair. But when it comes to the question of healthy and a balanced scalp, it is going back with using hair scrubs.


You must be wondering scrubbing face is a right term used, but scrubbing hair. Yes even a Hair scrub is a correct term that is filled with natural exfoliators and follicle stimulating oils which help fight against hair issues such as scalp irritation and itchiness, inflammation, greasiness or hair loss.

In comparison to facial skin, the scalp has more hair follicles and glands that quickly build-up layers of dead skin and sebum causing it to become more flaky, oily and itchy. A good hair scrub allows appropriate penetration of natural ingredients on the scalp surface.

The new concept of haircare regime is the trending Hair treatments that believe in cleansing and exfoliating your scalp leaving it refresh and irritation free. The blend of organic ingredients such as honey, mint and green tea of a purifying hair scrub is now going viral on various scalps. These scrubs stimulate blood circulation and help you get rid of dust, smoke and sweat impurities.

The need of these scrubs are now culturing because of lack of time, excessive use of shampoo on hair, no hair spas, scalp irritation and so on. These scrubs come with a detoxifying formula that prevents your hair from getting too oily.

In women and men, prevalent problem of hair thinning is growing at a fast pace that leads to hair loss, may be because of washing hair irregularly, or of excessive oil, greasy hair, various hair treatments, zero nourishments of the scalp and much more.

More importantly, a healthy scalp is a sign of healthy and shiny looking hair and scrubs are great for maintaining balance and clarity. The key role of these hair scrubs helps in getting rid of impurities left due to various hair treatments and dead cells.

The discovery of the new hair formulas are the new spa oriented constitution even for a layman who can sit at home and use. These scrubs come with an excellence of eliminating the numerous product build-ups on the scalp and promote hair growth and shine.

Available in clay, gel or cream textures, and these smells amazingly and really works hard on your hair. With a hydrated natural formula, these gently detox and detangle your hair. Rich in antioxidants, it also helps in protecting hair from free-radical damage also.

With never-ending benefits, it purifies scalp with micro-particles without causing hair dryness. This cleansing discovery helps in solving shifting impurities caused due to various treatments and styling products.

Steps to use a Hair Scrub

  • Before you start shampooing your hair and start your shower regime, pick your utterly amazing hair scrub that suits your hair type.
  • Detangle your hair with a comb and use the exfoliating formula to do the same. Start from the mid-lengths to your hair ends to cover the area.
  • Gently massage your hair and polish your hair with these scrubs to tackle all the irritating scalp issues.
  • After a gentle massage for around 10 minutes, complete cleansing your with duo shampoo and a condition.
  • Use it when your hair wants to go for a good detox hair therapy.

Regular oil usage, specially keeping them overnight, leads to pore clogging, attaching grime. Instead of using an exfoliating shampoo that will make your hair dry, it is better to opt for oil balancing and deep cleansing action treatment by a Hair scrub.

A hair scrub is a healthy to every hair type that smoothens your hair cuticles to make then super shiny. This genuinely works on every hair type be it thick, thin, curly or straight. While moisturizing your hair, these scrubs contain sugar, salt or beads that gently remove pollution from the upper layers of the hair while restoring the health.

To promote a healthy hair turnover, the new hair scrubs in the hair category will surely do wonders to all who want a spa rejuvenated and cell renewal scalp.

By Shikhee Agrawal, Head training, The Body Shop India

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